How to Clean Wax Pot Properly?

If you’ve ever used a wax warmer, you probably want to know how to clean wax pot properly. To remove leftover warm wax, simply scrape it off the bottom of the container. If the warmer has been off for some time, you can use rubbing alcohol to scrub away any cold wax residue. Be sure to remove all the remaining wax before using it again, as this will cause the melting burner to fail. To avoid causing damage to the unit, follow these steps.

how to clean wax pot

First, sterilize the pot. To sterilize your wax warmer, either boil the pot, use a UV towel, or take it to a professional. Before cleaning, switch off the wax warmer and allow it to cool completely. Afterward, wipe off the inside of the pot with a dry cloth. To make the process easier, use mineral oil to wipe the outer surfaces and bottom of the pot. Once the exterior is dry, you’re ready to use the warmer again!

To clean the pot, you’ll need a hard wax cleaner that won’t harm the pot. Use Starpil Post-Wax Oil or a similar product. If you have a heated pot, you can try icing the wax off the pot. Alternatively, you can use wax solvent or baby oil to wipe the pot. However, if you’re unsure of the proper cleaning method, you can consult with a professional.

Before you begin applying wax to your body, you must clean the wax pot thoroughly to avoid burns. To start, heat up the pot to medium or higher. The wax warmer should be on and waiting for a few minutes before cleaning it. Once the wax is melted, stir it and watch for bubbles. After the bubbles appear, you’re ready to clean the wax pot. Once the wax is melted, you can apply mineral oil to the outside of the pot and inside of the bottom.

Then, you should sterilize the pot with boiling water or a UV towel. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to sterilize the wax pot for you. To clean the wax pot, you should be sure to sterilize the pot with a hard wax cleaner, such as Starpil Post-Wax Oil. Ideally, you’ll clean it every few days and when changing the wax formula. You’ll want to use the soft wax cleaner with an oil that can be removed with a cloth.

Before using wax, sterilize the pot before cleaning it. This is the only way to avoid contaminated wax. It’s better to use a hard wax cleaner instead. It’s also better to sterilize the pot when you change the wax formula. Then, clean the wax warmer with a soft wax cleaner. Then, you’re done. You’ve just finished cleaning the plastic wax warmer. Then, you’ll need to keep it in perfect condition.

When using a wax warmer, you need to sterilize it. This can be done with boiling water or by a UV towel sterilizer. After the wax is melted, it’s time to clean the pot. To clean the wax pot, keep the lid open while it melts. Check for bubbles and then stir the solid pieces of the wax to get rid of any remaining solid wax. This will help prevent the burning of your equipment.

In order to clean the wax pot properly, you need to sterilize it first. You can sterilize it with boiling water or by using a UV towel. If you’re using a wax warmer, make sure to put the container in a safe place. When you’re finished, you can switch it back on and begin working. You’ll be able to use it right away. So, how to clean a melted wax warmer?

It’s essential to clean your wax warmer properly. A clean wax warmer is easy to use and maintain. You should wipe it down after each service to remove any sticky residue. To clean the wax pot properly, you should also use an emollient. Once you’ve cleaned the warmer, it’s time to change the wax. You can easily change the wax formula at any time, but you should make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

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