How to Clean Washed Wood Floors

Before cleaning waxed wood floors, it’s important to test the finish. A small amount of mineral spirits or a commercial wax remover should be rubbed onto a white rag to reveal a yellow or brown color. You can also use a screen or sandpaper to check for white spots. If the floor has a white finish, you can rub it with a soft cloth or a dampened synthetic pad.

how to clean waxed wood floors

Using a terry-cloth soaked in a thin layer of liquid floor wax, you should buff the floor in a circular motion to remove any remaining spills. Then, allow the wax to dry. If the floor is still wet, use a dry cleaning pad or buffing machine to achieve the same effect. Your freshly waxed floors should look as good as new. Regardless of the type of wax, the process is the same as for other floors.

You can either clean your waxed floors by hand, or you can use a machine. For best results, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the cleaning solution. A pH-neutral cleaning solution is a good choice. You can also use a liquid dishwashing soap instead of regular dish soap. Be careful not to pour cleaning solution directly onto the floor, since the bottom will be wet. This can cause permanent marks and rings on your floor.

After cleaning your floors, you can use a buffing machine or a green kitchen scrubber to polish them. When scrubbing, be sure not to leave any spots or stains on the surface. Always remember to keep the bottom of the bucket off the floor. The bottom of the bucket is bound to be wet and can leave streaks and rings behind. A buffing machine can also be used.

Once the floorboards are thoroughly cleaned, you can start applying liquid floor wax. You should use two to three coats of the liquid, which should be applied in the direction of the wood grain. When the wax is dry, you can use a buffing machine or a terry-cloth to buff them. You should always use a clean cloth or terry-cloth to clean the floorboards.

After waxing, you should wipe the floor with a clean cloth. Then, you can buff the floor with a soft cloth. To prevent water from soaking into the floor, you should use a sponge or a soft sponge to do the cleaning. When you’ve finished cleaning, apply a protective layer of wax to the floor. Then, wipe it dry. This will ensure that it stays pristine for a long time.

When waxing, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If the floor has been recently waxed, it may require additional applications. If the floor is not oiled yet, it’s essential to periodically buff the floor with a dry pad. However, if the cleaning solution is too wet, you should use a cleaner that is designed for waxed wood floors. Otherwise, you’ll need to invest in a buffing machine.

When waxing hardwood floors, you should use a clean cotton cloth. For solid wax, you should use a clean towel. If you’re using a liquid, you should use a terry cloth. To prevent the wax from damaging the floor, wipe the surface of the floor with a clean, lint-free towel. To remove the wax, you can also use a dry cloth. You can also use an electric floor buffer if you’re in a hurry. It will help speed up the process. Once you’ve finished waxing, wait at least eight hours before moving any furniture around.

When cleaning waxed wood floors, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re cleaning a floor that’s been waxed, you should avoid using lemon juice or vinegar-based cleaning solutions. The solution must have a neutral pH, which is necessary for the floor’s protection. Once the floor is clean, it should appear as if it were just recently refinished.