How to Clean the Puffco Peak Pro?

how to clean puffco peak

Regular maintenance is vital for the Puffco Peak Pro. The best way to keep your dabbing device clean is to clean it regularly. The chamber is the area that comes in contact with most concentrates and excessive residue will leave you with a poor dabbing experience. To clean your chamber, you will need to swab it with ISO Alcohol. Be sure to leave the chamber completely cool before cleaning it. The chamber is an integral part of the dabbing device.

If the Puffco Peak atomizer is dirty, you can use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any traces of debris. Avoid using lower percentages as the alcohol may have a high water content and not work. Next, unscrew the bowl from the base and then fill it with water. Make sure to line up the atomizer holes with the base holes. Do not try to clean the unit while it is still in the atomizer.

To clean the Puffco Peak, you can soak a cotton swab in 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and wipe the base and atomizer with it. Be sure to wipe dry the entire device before applying any cleaning solutions. After the solution has dried, you should put the glass back in the device and fill it with water to cover the air holes. Then, you should line up the base and glass attachment with the holes in the base.

After cleaning the base and atomizer, you can put them back together. To remove the battery, you should un-screw the atomizer counterclockwise. Then, grab the atomizer and pull it out of the base. Afterward, wipe all parts thoroughly using the solution. Once it has dried, let the device air dry. And, if you’re worried about the water content, you can rinse the glass with water and allow it to air dry.

To clean the Puffco Peak, you should first remove the glass attachment. Then, you need to wash all the components of the device. If you’re having trouble connecting the atomizer to the base, you should also wipe the glass in order to remove any dirt and grime. After that, you should leave the Puffco Peak air-drying. This will help the device stay clean. It should be dry in about five hours.

To clean the Puffco Peak, you should first remove the atomizer. You should remove the base by unscrewing the atomizer. Then, use rubbing alcohol to clean the entire device. You can then wipe the device with the cloth and dry it in the air. Afterward, you should let the Puffco Peak air dry for a few hours before you put it away. When you’re done with cleaning, remember to put it back together after you’re done.

You can clean the Puffco Peak Pro by following this cleaning guide. The main ingredient that you will need is 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. You may want to try other concentrations, but 99% is recommended. Lower concentrations can cause issues, so make sure you’re using the correct amount of alcohol. You’ll need to hold the atomizer in the base as it separates. Once you’ve removed the base, you can remove the atomizer by pulling it out with your fingers.

After cleaning the Puffco Peak Pro, you’ll need to wipe down the inside of the device. Be sure to clean the base and the atomizer. If the glass atomizer has become dirty, you should wipe it down to prevent any damage. This will keep the device functioning properly. If the atomizer is too dirty, you can replace it. This will also help prevent a buildup of dirt.

The next step in cleaning the Puffco Peak is to remove the atomizer. The atomizer can be removed by unscrewing the base from the bottom. It should come out in four pieces. Once the atomizer is removed, you can then remove the atomizer from the base. After cleaning the entire unit, you need to make sure that the buttons are not damaged by the cleaning solution. Then, you can spray the vaporizer with the solution.

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