How to Clean Jeep Soft Top Windows?

how to clean jeep soft top windows

If you want to know how to clean your Jeep’s soft top windows, you need to know how to remove the plastic window coverings and remove dirt and grime. Typically, cleaning the soft top window covers requires a little bit of elbow grease, but it can be done without a drill. The first step is to wipe the windows with a microfiber towel or soapy water. You can also use a commercial glass cleaner, but this will turn your window covers yellow. You should also use chamois or microfiber towels to prevent scratches.

The first step in cleaning the soft top windows is to spray the windows with a cleaning solution. This solution is especially effective at removing light soil and grime. For more stubborn dirt, you can use a stiff-bristled brush. However, this method will damage the plastic window covers. Instead, you should use a window cleaner that is specifically designed for vinyl. It can be bought online or from automotive parts stores.

If you do not want to use a soft-bristled brush to clean the windows, you can use a microfiber cloth instead. The fabric softener will make your microfiber cloth less static. You can also use a window cleaner made for plastics. Using a glass cleaner is highly recommended for cleaning plastic windows. If you have a hard-top Jeep, it may be hard to reach.

Once you’ve cleaned the soft top windows, you can use plastic repairing solution to wipe off any dirt. You can also use a silicone or petroleum product for the purpose. This solution will work well on jeep soft tops. Once you have removed all dirt and grime, you can use a sealing solution to keep it clean. You can also wipe the fabric of the soft top with a microfiber towel.

When cleaning the soft top, you should avoid using coarse fabrics. A paper towel may not be as effective as a soft cloth, but it can still remove light soil. For heavy-duty stains, you can use a mild shampoo and a stiff bristle brush. After you’ve used the shampoo, use a dry cloth to wipe the window. If you have a soft top, you should never use a brush that will damage the window.

If the soft top windows are in need of cleaning, you should use a shammy towel. It will prevent mildew from forming. If you have a soft top that does not have plastic windows, you can simply use a microfiber towel to dry the surface of the soft top. You can buy a microfiber cloth to clean the windows as well. If you want to avoid these steps, you can follow these simple tips and ensure that your Jeep’s soft top window is in perfect condition.

When cleaning the soft top, you should use a mild dish detergent. It will remove dirt and contaminants from the plastic and threads. The detergent must not contain any alcohol or silicone, as these will damage the window plastic and may damage the soft top. You should also use a glass cleaner to get rid of fine scratches on the plastic. This solution is easy to apply and won’t leave a residue.

If you want to clean the soft top windows of your Jeep, you should use a microfiber towel dipped in water. You should then apply the plastic repairing solution and wipe the windows dry using the third microfiber towel. Then, you need to use a silicone coating to seal the windows, which will prevent dust and dirt from adhering to the surfaces. Once you’ve finished cleaning the soft top, you should waterproof the soft top with a spray of clear wax.

You should clean the soft top windows on your Jeep using a cloth with a damp microfiber cloth. It is essential to clean the windows on both sides so that you don’t damage the soft top. A microfiber cloth should be clean and dry at least once a week. You should also wipe the windows in the shade if you have a hardtop. Then, you can apply the sealant.

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