How to Clean IQOS

If you want to enjoy HEETS, you should know how to clean your IQOS. Proper cleaning will also prevent charging problems. For cleaning, you should use the brush that comes with the kit. It should be kept in the compartment where you keep your HEETS. Rotate it left and right a few times to remove loose tobacco. Be gentle when using the brush to avoid damaging it. After using the cleaner, you should let the device refroidi.

The IQOS is best cleaned every day. The holder can be removed from the iQOS, so you must first remove it. Once it is removed, insert the IQOS cleaner into the holder. Twist the IQOS gently to get any remaining tobacco out. After 20 uses, you can use a new cleaner to deep clean your IQOS. Once you’ve used it a few times, you will be able to clean it easily.

To clean the IQOS, you need to aspirate stronger than usual and use the iQOS Cleaner. The cleaning stick comes with a long and short brush. Place the long brush into the iQOS holder body. Then, insert the cap into the iQOS cleaner. When it’s completely clean, you can replace the IQOS. In the case of a faulty IQOS, you’ll have to pay a fee, but you won’t be charged anything.

Clean the IQOS stick after every use to prevent carbon deposits from forming on the heating blade. You can clean the blade with ethanol sticks or a brush. In fact, you can even use a small toothpick to close gaps. Make sure you replace the cleaning stick every 20 uses. If you have an IQOS that’s damaged, don’t hesitate to replace it as soon as possible. The company offers a free replacement of the heating blade if it’s damaged.

The IQOS must be cleaned daily. The cleaning stick should be inserted into the holder and twisted gently. The cleaner will remove any tobacco residue from the IQOS. After 20 uses, you should use the clean button to remove the taste and the odor from the stick. Then, you should use the clean button to rinse the IQOS stick. It will take about 15 minutes to clean the device.

When the cleaning process is finished, you can use the ethanol cleaning stick to clean the IQOS holder. Be careful not to touch the blade or the cap, as it will damage the device. If you have a broken heating blade, you should contact a dealer or IQOS maker. This should be done free of charge. Once the cleaner is removed, you can start the cleaning process. Ensure that the IQOS is completely dry before you begin the cleaning procedure.

In addition to using the cleaning stick, you should also use ethanol to clean the inside of the IQOS 3 DUO holder. This way, you can be sure that all the pieces are clean. If the ethanol is not enough, use a paper towel to clean the blade and surrounding area. If the IQOS has a broken heating blade, contact the dealer. The IQOS company will replace it free of charge.

In order to improve the taste and the health of your IQOS, you should clean it daily. You can also use the ethanol cleaning sticks to clean the warming blade and the space around it. The heating blade is susceptible to getting dirty. It is important to clean the blade thoroughly after each use, otherwise it may cause the device to develop a bad taste. This cleaning process should be done every two or three days, as the cleaning process will make it easier to maintain its functionality.

After a few uses, it is important to clean the IQOS with the cleaner supplied by the manufacturer. It should be cleaned every day to maintain its quality and to preserve its flavor. You should also clean the holder after 20 uses. If you want to use the cleaner, you must remove the heating unit from its holder. Leaving the IQOS in this state can lead to the development of harmful toxins.