How to Clean an Owlet Sensor

how to clean owlet sensor

The Owlet sensors can be cleaned with soap and water. Then, rinse them well with fresh water. Make sure to let them air dry overnight. However, you should not immerse them in water. This will void the warranty. This article will show you how to clean the sensor and prevent it from tripping. Once you know how to clean the sensor, you can use it right away! Here are some tips to keep it functioning properly.

To clean the sensor, you should remove it from the sock and the base station. You can do this by pressing the button on the base station twice quickly. Once you have detached the sock, it will chirp two times and not light up the sock light. To wash the sock, you must unpair the sensor. You can also unpair it from the base station by pressing the button two times.

The sensor is connected to a base station, which is located in the parents’ room. It has a range of up to 100 feet and will alert you with a light ring when your child is awake or sleeping. You can also download the Owlet app for iOS or Android to check your baby’s blood oxygen levels and heart rate. Once your baby is sleeping, you can check his or her sleep history in the APP. The Owlet app will analyze your child’s sleep quality.

The fabric sock and sensor are not waterproof. Therefore, it is essential to avoid getting them wet. To wash the sensor, you can use cold water and mild detergent. The sock must be kept dry and never submerged in water. It can be gently hand-washed in warm water and dried in the dryer. If your child is using a wool-lined PJ, you can wear the sock over it.

The Owlet sensor is rechargeable and is powered by a coin cell. You can charge the sensor by pressing the button on the base station twice. You must always keep the sock and sensor dry for two weeks before putting it in the washing machine. Afterwards, you can wash the fabric sock in lukewarm water using mild detergent. Then, you should wait for another 48 hours and re-pair the sock with the Owlet base station.

You can wash the Owlet sensor by hand, putting it in the dryer. It should be dried for at least two days, after which you should re-pair the sock and base station. Once you’ve done this, the Owlet will chirp two times to let you know it is responding to your commands. If you want to test the sensor, try removing it from the base station.

The Owlet sock has a rechargeable battery. The battery can be charged daily. The base station must be powered. The battery lasts for about six months. Recharge it every six months. If you have the Owlet Sock, it can be worn over footie PJs. If you don’t have a base station, the sensor can be washed in warm water with a mild detergent.

The Owlet sensor is rechargeable. Once you’ve removed the sock, you should connect the base station with the sensor. Then, you should connect the base station with your mobile device. The base station will display the sock’s heart rate, blood oxygen level, and the battery level of the base station. When you’ve connected the base, you’ll see a ringing light on your phone. After the sensor is paired, it can be unpaired.

To clean the sensor, you can hand wash it with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. After cleaning, make sure to turn off the Smart Sock electronics to prevent it from damaging the charging base and sensor. Alternatively, you can also use a dry-cleaning solution. It will not harm the Owlet Sock, but it may cause skin irritation. The Owlet sock is made of soft fabric.

Once you’ve removed the sock sensor, you should drop it into the base station for charging. It’s best to keep the sensor out of direct sunlight. The Owlet sock sensor should remain on top of your child’s foot. After that, you can switch the smart sock on if you need to monitor the temperature of the baby’s feet. Then, the Owlet will alert you whenever the baby’s breathing is out of range.