How to Clean an Apple Silicone Case

In order to clean an apple silicone phone case, you should first remove it from your device. You can do this by gently pulling a corner of the phone out of the case. You should also carefully remove any snaps that are stuck to the silicon case. Next, you need to soak a toothbrush in warm water and use it to scrub the entire silicone case. Make sure to scrub the tough to reach areas thoroughly. Once you’ve completed this process, allow the silicone case to air dry.

how to clean apple silicone case

Generally, silicone cases are flexible, which makes it easy to remove them. To remove your case, first stretch out a corner and carefully lift the phone out of the case. Take care not to damage the phone or the silicone case. Afterwards, wipe off the case with an alcohol-based disinfecting wipe. You’ll need to scrub off any leftover bacteria and germs with the alcohol-based wipe. To avoid leaving any residue, leave the silicone case to air dry for at least an hour.

After the case is thoroughly cleaned, you can then disinfect the phone with alcohol. To disinfect your iPhone, use rubbing alcohol, and make sure to avoid the corners, as these can harbor bacteria. Then, wipe the silicone case with a dry microfiber cloth. The alcohol will kill any germs and bacteria that may be trapped in the silicone case. Remember to allow the silicone case to air dry for at least five minutes before placing it back on your phone.

To disinfect your phone, you should first remove it from the case. Silicone cases get dirty very quickly, and dirt from your pocket can collect. You can use a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water. You should be careful not to let the silicone case soak up the soap, as it can ruin the phone. After removing the case, you should use a soft brush to scrub the case. After completing this step, you can apply a disinfectant on the phone.

If you are unable to remove the case, you can use rubbing alcohol. The alcohol should not soak into the case, but should be applied directly on the silicone case. To disinfect the phone, use a cotton swab or a microfiber cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Repeat this step as necessary to ensure that the silicone case is completely free of bacteria and germs. However, if you don’t want to use rubbing alcoholic alcohol, you should keep the silicone case on your phone until it is completely dry.

The silicone case is usually made of plastic. The outer shell is made of silicone, which is prone to dirt and bacteria. You should also remove the phone from the silicone case so that you can disinfect the phone. Using rubbing alcohol will make the case dry faster. After cleaning, you should leave it to air dry for about an hour. Then, you should wipe off the silicone case once again. But remember that rubbing alcohol will not disinfect the phone.

You can also use rubbing alcohol to disinfect the case. It is important to note that rubbing alcohol does not disinfect the phone, so you should always remove it first before cleaning it. A microfiber cloth will remove the remaining bacteria from the silicone case. After cleaning, you can now put the phone back in the case. Once it is dry, you can then proceed to disinfect it. If the silicone case is completely dry, it will remain clean and hygienic.

You can also use rubbing alcohol to disinfect the phone. Do not use too much alcohol, as this will make the silicone case more susceptible to bacteria. It is also important to avoid using abrasives on the phone. These can damage the phone, so you should use alcohol-based wipes whenever possible. You can even apply a few drops of rubbing liquor to disinfect the case before putting it back on the phone.