How to Clean an Airless Paint Sprayer

how to clean airless paint sprayer

To avoid damage to your paint sprayer and extend its life, it is important to clean it thoroughly after every use. Cleaning an airless paint sprayer can be done in a few simple steps. These instructions may vary slightly depending on the brand of sprayer and the type of material it is used to coat. If you have any questions, consult the owner’s manual for your specific model. Using a bucket filled with water to collect the dripping water is also a good idea.

When cleaning an airless paint sprayer, you should first shut it off and remove all components. If the pump is a lacquer, it may become corroded. This is especially true if the machine is used regularly for lacquer work. After removing the SwitchTip and the filter assembly, rinse the machine thoroughly with water and clean it with FARBOMAX protective oil. If the tips are still coated with paint, you can apply mineral spirits liquid or Pump Armor to the tips to protect them from rust.

To clean the airless paint sprayer, use a solution of paint thinner, but make sure it is not lacquer thinner. To prevent internal damage, you need to use a lacquer thinner to remove any traces of the liquid. After flushing the airless paint sprayer with water, check the filters, tip guard, and other components. If any of these parts are damaged, use mineral spirits liquid or Pump Armor to coat the sprayer with a protective coating.

Besides water, you can use paint thinner to clean an airless paint sprayer. However, be careful not to use lacquer thinner, as this can damage the sprayer’s internals. You can use this cleaner to clean the sprayer, and then inspect the tip guard and filter. For better results, you can also coat the sprayer with a special protective oil, such as FARBOMAX.

To clean an airless paint sprayer, run a mixture of water and ammonia. If you have used a BIN primer or latex paint, this mixture will break down the particles and remove any traces of it. Ammonia can also be used to clean the pump and hose. After flushing, use a layer of protective oil to coat the sprayer. If you’re unsure how to clean an airless paint-sprayer, check the manual for more detailed instructions.

If you’re using a professional airless paint sprayer, be sure to clean it properly after every use. It’s essential to store your airless paint sprayer in a dry place where it will be protected from freezing temperatures. Ensure that your tips aren’t too worn, as this causes extra paint to be sprayed and could damage your equipment. If they are worn, they should be replaced.

After using paint thinner, rinse your airless paint sprayer with clean water and soapy water. You should be careful to avoid using lacquer thinner because it may cause internal damage. After flushing the sprayer, inspect the filters and tip guard. For a complete cleaning, you can use mineral spirits liquid or pump armor. If you use water, rinse the airless paint sprayer thoroughly before and after using.

If you’re using an airless paint sprayer that contains a sphinx hose, you need to clean it properly. In addition to a brush, you need to remove the sphinx hose and nozzle to remove all traces of paint. Once you’ve removed the nozzle, turn the sprayer on and prime it. When you’re finished, you should inspect the filter assembly, tip guard, and the spout.

You can also clean the airless paint sprayer with mineral spirits. You can also use mineral spirits if the sprayer is stored in a freezer. You can purchase pump armor for your sprayer to protect it against freezing. Regardless of your style, it is imperative to clean your airless painter regularly to prevent damage to the machine. Soak it with clean water after each use to prevent the paint from drying up.