How to Clean a Wax Pen

Cleaning your wax pen is a crucial part of enjoying the best quality vapor, as it will keep the resin from forming on the glass tip. This process is important because it prevents the buildup of resin on the glass tip, allowing you to enjoy the best vapor. This cleaning method is also recommended for people who dab large amounts of wax concentrate. However, if you want to get the maximum effect, you need to follow this procedure at least once a week.

how to clean wax pen

The first step in cleaning your wax pen is to remove the cartridge. If you find it hard to unscrew the cartridge, you can use a heavy metal brush to remove the clog. Once you have removed the cap, you can use isopropyl alcohol to dissolve the waxy oil. Afterward, you should use a dry, clean cloth to wipe the chamber. This will prevent the oil from re-forming.

Once the pen is cleaned, you should try to remove the waxy residue from the threading. The waxy oil is not very pleasant to smell and can affect the performance of your wax pen. To clean the threading, you can use a metal brush. For the atomizer, you can use isopropyl alcohol to break down the waxy oil. If the oil is too thick, you can also apply a few drops of isopropyl alcohol to the threading.

Once you’ve taken the pen out of the box, you should sterilize it by burning it off. This will remove any manufacturing byproducts and make the wax easier to use. After the first use, you should clean the pen. This will ensure that it continues to function as good as new. If your pen isn’t sterilized properly, it could damage your hand. The first step is to clean the pen properly. The following steps should help you maintain the best quality wax pen.

The first step in cleaning a wax pen is to turn it off. Before you do this, you should burn off the byproducts of the manufacturing process to remove any possible contaminants. In addition to burning off the byproducts, you should also clean the coils of your wax pen. This will keep it functioning at its best and prevent it from affecting your health. Lastly, cleaning your device will increase the life of your wax pens.

To clean a wax pen, you should first remove the threading from the pen. This will help remove any traces of wax from the threads. After you’ve removed the threading, you can clean it using a brush or a cloth. If you don’t have a brush, you should use a solvent to break down the wax. If the solvent is too strong, you should use isopropyl alcohol.

You should also remove any byproducts from the wax by burning it off. If the wax pen is made of plastic, you should not use it on a paper towel or even in a plastic container. Then, you should clean the parts of the pen. When you have a wax pen, you need to clean it after every use to ensure that it is free of any byproducts. Keeping the pen clean will prevent it from smelling bad.

You should always clean a wax pen after each use. After the first use, you should burn off any byproducts from the pen. You can use a brush to clean the parts of the pen. When cleaning a wax-pen, you can also remove the waxy oil on the tip by using isopropyl alcohol. After a few uses, you can throw away the byproducts. If the wax has a clogged tip, use a heavy-duty metal brush. You should also soak the nozzle with isopropyl alcohol to break it down.

After you have used your wax pen, you can safely discard the residue and keep it clean by following the cleaning instructions. The wax pen is highly flammable, so you should not use it near an open flame. If you don’t want to burn off the wax, burn off the byproducts. Once the pen has been thoroughly cleaned, it will last for a long time. Afterwards, it is safe to reuse the wax.