How to Clean a Manitowoc Ice Machine

how to clean manitowoc ice machine

To maintain your Manitowoc ice machine, you need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding cleaning. Clean cycles should occur every six months to keep your machines producing quality ice for your customers. To make cleaning your icy beverage machine easy, use dry nitrogen or compressed air to dry the parts. If the ice machine is made from water, you can blow out the condensing coils and the water must be removed from the trough.

You can clean your Manitowoc ice machine in three different ways – from the top, from the side, and from the front. You can either remove scale with a brush or with a hose. If you choose to use a chemical cleaner, be sure to wear rubber gloves and safety goggles while handling the ice machine cleaner. After cleaning, you should disinfect your ice maker.

The first step is to add descaler solution to the water reservoir. The new models will tell you when they are ready to use the chemical, so make sure you read the label carefully. The machine will start a wash cycle, leaving the reservoir empty. It will then perform six rinse and flush cycles. This process will help remove the buildup of ice in the evaporator. The last step involves adding sanitizer between the splash shields.

Next, you should spray the foodzone surfaces with sanitizer. Don’t rinse these parts after sanitizing them. Once the sanitizing is complete, make sure to wait 30 minutes before reapplying the power. Then, reapply the power and turn the toggle switch to the CLEAN position. Then, wait three minutes for the water to flow over the evaporator and splash shields.

The second step is to sanitize the interior areas of the ice maker. The food zone is the area where food gets stored and made. To clean the inside of the ice maker, you need to mix the sanitizer solution with warm water. You should treat six gal. of water with four oz of sanitizer. Apply the sanitizer solution with a sponge or cloth.

After cleaning the interiors of your Manitowoc ice machine, you should disinfect it with a solution of EPA-registered disinfectant. To disinfect the exterior, you can use a sanitizer solution and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. To disinfect the interiors of your Manitowo ice machine, use a descaler with a non-abrasive cleaner.

The third step is to sanitize the ice machine with a sanitizer solution. A good sanitizer solution is one that is suitable for the ice machine’s food zone. It should be applied liberally on all parts of the ice maker, taking care to pay special attention to the areas highlighted in step eight. After applying sanitizer solution, it is time to rinse the parts.

After thoroughly cleaning the Manitowoc ice machine, make sure to reapply the power and turn it to the ICE position. Afterwards, you should disinfect the ice maker and apply a sanitizer solution to all parts of the ice machine. After the cleaning, you should check the manufacturer’s specifications for a proper maintenance schedule. If the manufacturer’s specifications state that you should use the sanitizer solution, you can choose to use a different one.

In order to clean the food-zone areas of the Manitowoc ice machine, you should mix the sanitizer solution with warm water. To treat 6 gal. of water, you should use 4 ounces of sanitizer and a clean cloth or sponge. During the cleaning process, you should pay special attention to the parts mentioned in Step 9 and make sure that they are clean and sanitized.

To clean the ice-making unit, you should follow the manufacturer’s manual for removing removable panels. In addition to the manual, you should follow the instructions on the manual on how to clean the Manitowoc ice maker. This will allow you to remove all contaminated ice from the evaporating plate. This step is important in cleaning your Manitowoc evaporator.