How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle After Use

how to clean blackstone griddle after use

If you have been using your Blackstone griddle to prepare delicious meals at home, you must know how to clean it after use. You can clean it in several ways, which will increase the hygiene of your kitchen and the quality of your food. This article provides you with easy ways to do that. Follow these steps to keep your griddle clean for years to come. Just follow these instructions and you will be well on your way to better health and a healthier kitchen.

The first step to cleaning a Blackstone Griddle is to use soap and warm water. However, you should be very careful because soapy water can damage the griddle surface. Next, you should use oil rich in fatty acids, such as vegetable shortening, extra virgin olive oil, lard, and so forth. Brush the griddle with the oil after applying it, and let it cool down before using it again.

The next step is to wipe the griddle with a scouring pad. Use a washcloth to wipe the griddle after use. Once the griddle is clean, you should check for any damages. The grate should be free of any splatters or burnt food. You should repeat these steps as necessary. Then, wipe the resulting residue with a dry cloth.

If you have used the griddle in the past, you should re-season it after every use. Just a light coating of cooking oil will do the trick. After this, the griddle is ready for use. You should try to re-season it at least twice a week to keep it looking great. You can easily do this yourself at home and will have a fully refurbished graddle in no time.

After using your Blackstone griddle, you should clean it properly. You can use a scouring pad to remove stubborn bits of food. You can also use a bucket of boiling water to wash stubborn food residues. After the griddle is completely dry, you should season it so that it stays odor-free and ready for cooking. Then, store it in a warm, dry place.

After using your griddle, you should first clean it with a soft brush. Depending on its size, you can try different types of cleaners. If you are using oven clear or detergent, make sure you don’t use any of these chemicals because they can cause corrosive reactions and leave chemical residues on your food. Then, you can rinse it by using a sponge or a damp washcloth.

The next step is to use hot water and a non-metallic scrubber to clean your griddle after use. Before using the griddle, you should make sure to wash it thoroughly with hot water. Always remember that abrasive materials may cause damage to the underlying surface of your griddle. Moreover, do not use wire brushes and abrasive cleaners to clean the textured surface.

To clean your Blackstone griddle after use, you can use a wet sponge. Then, pour a small amount of water on the griddle. Then, let it sit in the warm water for a few minutes. Afterwards, use a dry rag to wipe it with a clean cloth. You should also season your griddle with salt or pepper to ensure it has the right taste and texture.

To clean your Blackstone griddle after use, you should carefully wipe it using a dry cloth. Using a wet cloth will help you wipe away most of the debris, and the paper towel will also help remove any excess moisture. After that, wipe the griddle with the same dry cloth. It is important to wipe the griddle with dry clothes to protect the griddle’s warranty.

If you use oil-based dishes on your Blackstone griddle, you need to apply oil to it after you’ve finished cooking. This will help the oil bond with the surface of the griddle and prevent it from sticking to the griddle. When using the oil, you should make sure that you rub the greasy area with a cloth. Then, use a paper towel to wipe any excess oil.