How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle After Cooking?

Whether you’re using a Blackstone griddle to prepare meals for a large group of guests or just your family, the cleaning process is crucial. Here’s how to clean your grilled goods without ruining the griddle. – Boil the water to remove any hard food residues. – Scrub the griddle with a paper towel. Use a clean, lint-free towel to scrub the griddle.

How to clean blackstone griddle after cooking

– Don’t use detergents or oven clear on your Blackstone griddle. These products can leave chemical traces that can linger on your meat. Besides, using these types of cleaners may damage your griddle. Instead, try to clean it with a washcloth and water. You can repeat the process as needed until the stubborn bits are gone. Afterwards, you can use a soft cloth to dry it.

– Season your griddle. If you’ve used the griddle often, season it properly with vegetable oil. It is important not to use cooking oil as this will leave the griddle sticky and greasy. Always use a flat spatula and paper towels. You can also use dish soap if your rig is very dirty. Remember that you should clean your griddle while it’s still hot. Otherwise, the food particles and grease will harden on the surface.

– Clean it after each use. This means removing all food and grease that has stuck to the griddle’s surface. After use, make sure to use a good cooking oil the griddle with it. Avocado oil is a good choice. It has a high smoke point and won’t damage the griddle. Then, oil it with hot water.

– Season your Blackstone griddle after every use. Regular seasoning will keep the griddle rust-free and allow you to cook your food with less oil. However, before you start seasoning, you should clean the girdle thoroughly. A spatula will help you remove the excess food from the griddle and wipe the surface clean. If the food has stuck to the ring and griddle surface, use boiling water to remove it.

– Before you start cleaning your Blackstone griddle, make sure it is completely cooled. This will prevent the griddle from rusting and will prevent the grill from sticking to the griddle. Then, you should re-season it. Using this method will help you keep the griddle in tip-top shape and maintain its unique taste. It will also protect your kitchen from stains and odors.

– After using a Blackstone griddle, you should season it regularly. This will help the griddle stay rust-free and allow you to cook your food with less oil. You should use a paper towel to remove excess grease and dust from the bare surface of the grate. After this, you should allow the griddle to dry thoroughly. After seasoning, it is important to wipe the grate thoroughly.

– Afterwards, you should wipe off any greasy residues. You can use a scraper or steel wool to remove rust. You should also wipe the griddle’s shelves. Then, you should clean the griddle’s sides and bottom. Lastly, you should place a soft cloth or cover it with a hard cover to protect it from dust.

– After cooking, you should wipe the griddle thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth. Applying a thin layer of oil to the flat surface is an excellent way to avoid rust. After you’ve finished cooking, you should wipe the griddle with a cloth or paper towel after seasoning. Similarly, you should clean any greasy residues that might have accumulated on the rim.

– After cooking, it’s essential to wipe the griddle with a clean microfiber cloth. If you’ve used cleaning liquids, you should use a brush to scrub the griddle. A metal scraper will remove any rust, cooking buildups, and grease. A microfiber cloth dipped in clean water should be applied to the entire frying surface.

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